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11 Easy Piano Songs in C Major

October 19, 2020 Selin Gökova 5 min read No Comments

Looking for easy piano songs in C major?

If you are a beginner piano player, you might not feel ready yet to deal with the accidentals (black keys). In this case, the best thing you can do is to learn some easy piano songs in C major to master the white keys before learning the black ones.

C major doesn’t contain any accidentals, which means you won’t have to struggle with black keys while playing the songs on this list. Plus, C major is the most basic key, so it’s really important to learn this key properly by practicing songs in C major at first.

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The songs on this list are from different genres such as classical, pop, and rock, which are all easy and fun to play. You can choose the song you like, have the sheet music, and start practicing right away!

I hope you find this list useful for your piano practice.

Imagine-John Lennon

This legendary song is a perfect one to learn on the piano if you are a beginner. It invites you to imagine a world with no countries and wars, where humanity lives in peace without selfish desires or violence.

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While the key of the song is C major, you will see that the song includes A# as a transition note at the end of every 2 measures. However, the rest of the notes are from the C major key, and playing that one A# is not hard at all.

Sheet music

Bach-Prelude No. 1 in C Major

If you are looking for a classical piece in C major, I can’t think of anything better than Prelude No 1 in C by Bach. Any player who wants to improve in classical piano should practice this piece since it introduces you to arpeggiation patterns.

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While it teaches you how to do arpeggiation, it also allows you to explore the C major key on a deeper level, which makes this prelude a must-practice piece.

Sheet music

Hallelujah-Leonard Cohen

Originally composed by Leonard Cohen, this famous folk-rock song gained popularity after Jeff Buckley covering it and appearing in Shrek movies. Since then, many artists have covered this song with different arrangements and interpretations. However, the piano covers of Hallelujah seem to be the most popular ones.

The left-hand accompaniment of the song features arpeggio passages, which will be a helpful exercise for beginners. Overall, the song is easy to play and doesn’t have any other notes outside of C major.

It’s a song that everyone will be impressed with wherever you play it!

Sheet music


I don’t know any pianist who didn’t play or hear this piano waltz. It’s an extremely popular piece among beginner players because it’s fun and easy to play.

Sheet music

When I Was Your Man-Bruno Mars

When I Was Your Man is a beautiful romantic piano ballad by the famous American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars. It’s a really emotional song that you will enjoy playing and practicing.

There is a little introduction to the song which requires you to make chord transitions, which means you will have to play some black keys. However, that is part should be played at a slow-moderate tempo, so it won’t be difficult to play. The rest of the song is in C major.

If you don’t feel ready to play the introduction part yet, you can just start playing from where the lyrics start.

Sheet music

Sonatina in C Major-Muzio Clementi

Clementi is considered the father of the Sonatina form in music. A sonatina is a shorter and easier version of a sonata, which makes it a perfect form to practice for beginners.

Sonatina in C major is a classical piano piece that most piano students learn at the early phases of their piano education. I highly recommend that you practice this piece to improve your staccato and legato technique, as well as smooth playing.

Sheet music

Hello-Lionel Richie

Hello by Lionel Richie is an iconic song that has been nominated for 3 Grammies. It was released in 1983, which still keeps its reputation as one of the best pop songs of the century.

The piano version of this song sounds absolutely beautiful and I’m pretty sure you will enjoy playing this romantic pop ballad.

The song is incredibly simple to play. The left-hand plays an easy chord accompaniment, while the right-hand plays the melody.

Sheet music

Right Here Waiting-Richard Marx

Right Here Waiting for You is one of the most beautiful and easy piano songs in C major you can find. This song was one of the first rock songs that I learned to play at the piano as a teenager, and I still enjoy playing it because it’s really emotional and pleasing.

Sheet music

Use Somebody-Kings of Leon

Use Somebody is another unforgettable song from the 2000s, which won three Grammy awards the year it was released. While the original song has electric guitars and drums, the solo piano arrangements sound softer and really beautiful.

By playing this song, you will learn the syncopated rhythms as well, because the left hand should imitate the rhythm of the electric guitars in the original. Once you grasp the rhythm, the rest will be quite simple and all the notes are in the key of C major.

Sheet music

Drops of Jupiter-Train

Drops of Jupiter was one of the most popular songs at the beginning of the 2010s, and it still is. Because of its syncopated piano riff throughout the songs, it’s one of the most fun and pleasing songs to play on the piano.

If you are interested in playing rock piano in the future, I highly recommend that you practice this song to see how a rock piano accompaniment can be played. Drops of Jupiter is also a great song to improve your rhythmic playing.

Sheet music

Last Kiss-Taylor Swift

Last Kiss is a really sad breakup song by Taylor Swift’s 3rd studio album, Speak Now. It’s a sad and romantic ballad. If you are looking for something slow and sad to play, Last Kiss might be a good choice.

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It has a beautiful piano riff throughout the song, which is quite easy to play. This song can also be helpful to learn the C major arpeggios if you are a beginner because the main texture of the song is built by arpeggios. Because the song is slow, you can easily master them and improve your arpeggio technique.

Sheet music


These were the 11 easy piano songs in C major.

C major is a significant key to learn and master because it is the most simple yet fundamental one.

Which song did you like most?

Which one are you going to learn first?

Let me know in the comments!

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