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5 Best Choir Folders – Top Musician Picks In 2023

May 5, 2023 Selin Gökova 6 min read No Comments

This post is all about the best choir folders.

Buying a choir folder may seem like a simple decision but a quality one can make a world of difference to your performance as a chorist.

I’ve been singing in different choirs since I was 7, so I know a thing or two about what goes into an ideal choir folder. Over the years, I’ve experimented with nearly any type of folder, and the ones I have found to be the best are choir folders with hand straps and pencil holders.

While deciding on the right choir folder for your needs, I would suggest looking into these 5 factors:

  • Hand strap: As a chorist, you’re holding your folder for long periods of time during performances and rehearsals. A hand strap can take the burden off your hands and wrists, providing more comfortable holding. However, a hand strap can add extra weight to the folder, which may also tire your hands, so I would suggest evaluating the items as a whole based on your needs.
  • Pencil holder: A pencil holder is a small feature that can make a huge difference in the functionality of a choral music folder. Having your pencil in an easily accessible point in your folder allows you to swiftly mark your music or take notes during a rehearsal. This may look like a small thing but it really saves so much time and energy, and helps you better focus on the music.

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  • Durability: Ideally, you want to buy a choir folder that can last you for more than a few concerts. Look for quality and durable materials when deciding on a folder, such as quality leather or a sturdy synthetic material
  • Size: Choir folders come in different sizes, so it’s important that your folder accommodates the size of your sheet music.
  • Binder rings or elastic bands: Choral folders mostly come in two styles based on how they hold the sheet music – binder or elastic bands. It comes down to personal preference, but I find the binder style comes in handy for keeping your sheet music organized and making it easy to flip through.

Now, let’s jump to our top picks.

Best Choral Music Folders

Eastar Leather Sheet Music Folder Black

eastar choir folder with strings

If only I had known about this leather folder by Eastar during my choir years – it’s truly a top-notch folder that I can’t recommend enough. It combines everything we’re looking for in an ideal choir folder – sturdiness, durability, functionality, and aesthetics.

This folder is equipped with a 3-ring binder and comes with plastic sheets, which makes organizing your music incredibly easy. Not only does it include standard double-sided sheets, but it also includes 10 hollow-structure plastic sheets that allow you to make notes on your score without having to extract the music. It’s such a cool feature and I can see how it can provide so much practicality.

With two spacious pockets, this choral folder offers ample storage for additional music sheets. There are also two easy-to-access pen pockets beside the storage pockets that can comfortably hold any pencil or pen.

While this folder is a bit on the heavier side with a weight of 2.7 lbs(1.2 kg), the hand strap and the 110° opening mode make it easy to hold for extended performances. When you need to put it on a music stand, the 180° opening mode allows it to lie flat.

Overall, I believe this folder by Eastar is one of the best choir folders on the market that is totally worth your money.

MSP Sheet Music Holder

msp choir music binder

MSP Sheet Music Holder is currently one of the best choir folders on the market that you won’t regret buying. Made from high-quality materials including insert board, vegan leather, and metal, this choral folder is incredibly sturdy and durable that will serve you more than just a few performances.

The 3-ring binder design allows for easy page turning and keeping music in an organized order. It also features a hand strap that offers a very comfortable grip.

In addition to two storage pockets on both sides, this folder is equipped with a pencil holder in the middle that provides easy access to your pencil when needed. Be aware that the pencil holder is a bit large, which means regular pencils can easily fall through but mechanical pencils or pens will cause no problem.

Another cool feature about this choral folder is that it offers two modes with its detachable strap with snaps – a 110° opening for holding position and a 180° flat opening to place on a music stand, which provides versatile use for musicians.

Best of all, this folder looks gorgeous thanks to its sleek and professional design covered in black vegan leather.

Manhasset 1600 Choral Music Folio Folder Stand

manhasset sheet music folder

The Manhasset 1600 Choral Music Folder is a popular choice among choral singers and directors. It’s designed for sheet music in 8.5 x 11 size. Overall, it’s a budget choir folder that is functional and reliable. It’s also very lightweight, so it won’t tire your hands during long performances.

Instead of binders, this folder features 7 elastic cords to keep sheet music securely in place during performances. It also comes with 2 pockets for storage of other items such as pencils, additional sheet music, or other accessories.

One downer is that this choral folder doesn’t feature a dedicated pencil holder, so it might not be the best choice for you if you constantly need to reach out to your pen to make markings on your music. You can keep your pencil in the storage pockets behind, but there are other folders on this list with dedicated pencil storage so I would suggest exploring them instead.

For easy page-turning, there is a hand strap behind the spine. It’s made of plastic, so it may get your hands sweaty after an extended period of use and feel a bit tight, but it should get the job done for most occasions.

Pro Tec F1E Choral Sheet Music Folder

protec music folder for church

The ProTec FE1 Choral Sheet Music Folder offers a simple and affordable yet effective solution for choral singers. It is made from high-quality faux leather with a thick and sturdy structure, offering premium quality and durability. Despite its sturdy body, this folder is incredibly lightweight (0.5 lbs/0.2 kg) and will be easy on your wrists even during the longest performances or rehearsals.

It also is very well-designed with 2 massive pockets to hold sheet music of any size and even music books, plus a pen/pencil holder. The elastic straps ensure the folder is closed and your sheet music is securely held.

With its leatherette exterior, this folder looks extremely professional and elegant, and it would perfectly match any choir setting.

One disadvantage is that it doesn’t feature a hand strap, but I think the product compensates for it with its lightweight build and extremely elegant look.

Pro Tec FSA1E Deluxe Choral Folder

protec choral music folder with hand strap

Pro Tec’s Deluxe Choral Folder is another fantastic option. Designed to be held with one hand, it’s a step up from Pro Tec’s F1E choral folder with its adjustable hand strap. The strap is highly comfortable and makes it super easy to hold for prolonged periods. The performance position strap also allows the folder to be held at a comfortable angle, offering incredible ergonomics.

This folder features 2 storage pockets for your music and 5 elastic string dividers to help your pages keep open. There is also an elastic cord to keep your sheet music safe and secure inside when not in use. The pencil slot is located on the side in an easily reachable spot.

What I most like about this cover is that its cover is quality black vinyl that looks very sophisticated and elegant. Overall, it’s an excellent option for musicians who’re looking for an ergonomic, lightweight, and affordable choir folder.

Wrapping Up

I hope you like my top recommendations for choral music folders. If you have any products to add to the list, please let me know in the comments!

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