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10 Best Piano Bench Cushions

May 24, 2023 Selin Gökova 8 min read No Comments

Are you in search of the perfect piano bench cushion but feeling overwhelmed by the vast array of options available? As a pianist of over 10 years, I’ve had my fair share of shopping for piano bench cushions. Today, I’ll share all my tips for choosing the right one and show you the best ones on Amazon.

Back when I didn’t have a piano bench cushion or an adjustable piano stool, I used to put random sofa paddings on my chair as a quick solution.

This worked for a while, but as I started to learn more advanced pieces, I had to move my body more and I started to feel that random fluffy square cushion wasn’t supporting me as it should. It didn’t let me freely move towards the octaves I was playing, plus it was slippy. I constantly had to adjust it so that it wouldn’t fall while I was playing.

I didn’t know that the right piano bench cushion would not only solve all of these problems but would also allow me to practice for longer hours while supporting my posture. 

If you don’t know what to pay attention to while shopping for a piano bench cushion, this short section will make you aware of all the essentials. 

What To Look For When Buying A Piano Bench Cushion


Size is a crucial factor when it comes to piano bench cushions. Most standard piano stools are in 14″ x 30″ size, but there are also many other piano stools that are not. So, to get a perfect fit, measure the length and width of your piano bench and make your decision accordingly.

Bench cushions come in varying sizes, so be careful to pick the size that will fit your bench. In the product reviews below, I’ve mostly linked the 14″ x 30″ size options, but you can still go with a larger size than what your bench can accommodate. A larger cushion by up to a few inches should still fit, but I wouldn’t go any larger than that. I would also advise against buying a shorter cushion as the touch points between your hips and the bench will cause discomfort while performing.


How comfortable your piano bench pad is can significantly affect your performance. The right cushion shouldn’t be too soft or too firm as it can lead to bad posture in the long run. It’s important to find the right balance in cushion firmness—not too soft and not too firm—to avoid developing poor posture over time. A cushion that is excessively soft may cause you to sink too much, resulting in a lack of support, while a cushion that is overly firm can create discomfort and strain.

But no worries! Below, I have selected only the ones that provide ideal comfort and support for piano playing.

Non-slip Design

There’s nothing more annoying than dealing with a sliding cushion in the middle of your performance. Make sure your bench cushion is equipped with features to prevent it from sliding such as straps or an anti-slip bottom. It’s even better if the anti-slip backing is present on both sides so that you can sit on whichever side you want.

Easy Maintenance

Choosing a cushion with a removable and washable cover through zippers will be so much easier to take care of. The ones that are covered in leather and can be wipe-cleaned are also quite practical.


Piano bench cushions come in a variety of styles and colors. You’ll want to pick one that will complement your piano and room decor. Browse through different styles and choose the one that can blend with the aesthetic of your space. 

Best Piano Bench Cushions

Whether you want to raise your piano stool or just looking for more comfortable seating while playing the piano, you’ll find something for your needs here. 

Loveboat Washable Bench Cushion

loveboat piano benc cushion

If you’re looking for a standard piano bench cushion that is comfortable, quality, and fits well, this one by Loveboat is an excellent option.

Overall, this bench cushion is very comfortable to sit on and provides excellent comfort during long practice sessions. It’s perfect in thickness while keeping the height of the seat just right. Because it features high-density foam, it won’t get flat even after extensive use.

One of the most common problems with piano bench cushions is their slippage, which can be frustrating and uncomfortable. This cushion addresses this issue by featuring ties and a double anti-skid design to keep the cushion in place on the bench.

I really like the Milky White color. It looks very elegant and premium, but you can also opt for brown or gray.

Klear Vu The Gripper Non-Slip Omega Bench Cushion

stylish cushion for piano bench

This piano bench cushion is the perfect choice if you’re looking for ultimate comfort. It’s filled with CloudFill, which is a material that is soft and fluffy and allows you to comfortably play for extended periods.

This cushion also looks very stylish with its textured finish and button-tufted design, adding elegance to your space. It comes in 22 different styles. So, you can go with classic colors like ivory or chestnut, or add some color to your practice space with vibrant patterns.

If your piano bench is not in a standard size, there are also other sizes available.

Best of all, this piano bench cushion features a non-slip gripper bottom to keep it securely in place without the need for any ties.

MICUSHION Piano Bench Cushion

piano seat cushion

Micushion Piano Bench Cushion is affordable, comfy, and functional. The cover is made with linen fabric, which allows for moisture absorption and breathability. Overall, the fabric feels nice and the cover is removable for cleaning.

The foam in this cushion is high-resilience, providing excellent comfort and alleviating buttock pain. This high-resilience foam also allows for the cushion to keep its shape even after long periods of use.

To keep the cushion in place, this piano bench pad features a double non-slip design along with ties for extra security.

All in all, this piano cushion offers a simple and affordable solution for enhancing your playing experience.

Winsome Paige Bench Cushion, Espresso

padded piano bench

If you’re looking to achieve a premium and elegant look, you can’t go wrong with this Winsome Paige bench cushion. It is covered with PU faux leather with a gorgeous espresso finish, which adds a touch of elegance to your piano bench.

It’s also incredibly easy to take care of, as you only need to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

The only drawback is that this cushion may feel slightly thin and firm to sit on, but it’s still very comfortable and provides enough support for piano players. It’s fully stuffed with foam, which offers decent comfort.

This pad doesn’t feature ties, but it doesn’t seem to have any issue with sliding. Overall, this leather bench cushion is an excellent addition to any piano bench in terms of convenience and aesthetics.

Millsilo Custom Size Bench Cushion

custom piano bench cushion

You don’t have to settle for a premade cushion. Millsilo allows you to customize your piano bench and tailor it to your needs and preferences. From dimensions to thickness, you can create your dream piano bench cushion by customizing every aspect.

However you customize your cushion, the result will be a comfortable, functional, and quality cushion. It will be made from a special fabric that is both skin-friendly and breathable. In addition, it will be filled with a high-density sponge for maximum comfort and durability. It will also feature an anti-slip backing to prevent sliding.

RULAER Bench Cushion

piano padding

This one by Rulaer is an incredibly comfy and well-made cushion that will fit well on any standard piano bench. If your bench is wider than a usual bench, this cushion comes in different sizes along with multiple color options. There is also an option to fully personalize it based on your preferences.

It is filled with 35D high elasticity foam, which provides ultra resilience and toughness. This high-elasticity foam is also incredibly useful for piano players as it helps to disperse the pain in the hips and prevent tailbone pain resulting from long periods of sitting.

This cushion is very easy to wash. Just unzip the cover and remove it, and wash it with mild detergent.

Overall, offering great ergonomics, functionality, and variety, the Rulaer bench cushion is an excellent choice for a piano bench pad.

JAMPAYANG Bench Cushion

padding for piano stool

If you’re in search of unique color options, the Jampayang bench cushion is available in incredible color options from dark green to pink and absolutely worth a look. I really like it when my piano bench cushion matches the other decor in my room, and with all the color options of this bench cushion, you can also easily enhance the look of your practice area.

The padding of the Jampayang Bench Cushion offers a comfy and cozy feeling while sitting. For maximum comfort, it features a high-quality flannel fabric, a fully polyester high-resilience filling, and a tufted design.

With a height of 36 inches, it’s a bit taller than a standard piano bench, which adds an extra layer of support without exceeding the bench too much and causing discomfort. The anti-slip design also ensures the stability of the cushion.

Faux Leather Piano Bench Cushions

leather piano seat cushion

Faux Leather piano bench cushion is another option you can’t go wrong with. Covered with polyurethane leather, the material used in this cushion is water resistant, does not develop pills, and offers protection against abrasion.

The high-resilience foam provides enough support and excellent comfort while helping to relieve buttock pain. If you’re playing the piano for long hours, this cushion is an excellent choice because it will both support your posture and the pad will maintain its original shape thanks to its material quality.

Last but not least, this cushion features ties and anti-slip backing for maximum comfort and stability while playing.

SUNROX LokGrip Non Slip Tufted Memory Foam Bench Cushion

piano bench padding

 This bench cushion by the brand Sunrox is a fantastic product. It’s equipped with innovative features and materials that make it really stand out in terms of quality and durability. Plus, it looks incredibly stylish and can beautifully complement your decor.

The cushion is filled with very high-quality gel memory foam and high-density foam. It also features a unique technology called Mixfilling that produces ultimate comfort for the sitter.

Moreover, the non-slip backing of this cushion is crafted from top-notch materials, ensuring exceptional grip and effectively keeping the cushion securely in place. No more worries about constant adjustments or slipping off the seat.

baibu Piano Bench Cushion

padding for piano chair

If you’re on a tight budget, this piano bench cushion by Baibu is your best bet. It’s under 30 bucks while still providing a very comfortable seating experience. It is filled with a high-quality sponge that is specifically designed to provide ergonomic support for good posture and less pressure on the buttock.

Featuring Velcro straps and a double non-slip design, this cushion ensures stability and prevents any unwanted movement, regardless of which side you choose to sit on. It is also very easy to remove through the zipper and clean.

Overall, Baibu cushion is a solid option for those who are on a budget and want a simple seating solution without compromising on quality.

Wrapping Up

I hope this list helped you pick a good cushion for your piano bench. I know there are many options on the market, but if you’re searching on Amazon, I think these are the best ones for the money.

If you have any questions about the products on the list or piano bench cushions in general, you can post a comment below and I’m happy to answer.

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