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12 Best BTS Songs to Play on Piano

October 23, 2020 Selin Gökova 6 min read No Comments

Looking for BTS songs on the piano?

If you are a BTS fan or looking for BTS song recommendations to play on the piano, you’ve come to the right place!

BTS songs sound absolutely beautiful on the piano, plus they are quite easy and fun to play.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you will find a BTS song that you will enjoy learning on this list.

I personally love playing BTS songs on the piano more than I love singing them because singing in Korean is hard 😅 I’m sure there are fans outside Korea like me who love to play them as well, so I’ve compiled the best BTS songs that sound good on the piano to help you expand your BTS piano repertoire.

You can also find Youtube tutorial videos for the songs you like on the list, and start learning them right away!

Best BTS Piano Songbooks – Quick Overview

Let’s get started.

I Need U

I Need U is one of the most popular tracks by BTS. It’s an upbeat dance track that sounds really sweet on the piano, and you might consider learning it if you’re interested in playing the more upbeat songs from BTS discography.

This Synthesia piano tutorial teaches you how to play it, though it is at the intermediate level. If you are a beginner player, I recommend that you start practicing it very slowly with a metronome and only increasing the tempo if you memorized the all notes.

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Overall, it is important to keep the tempo steady throughout this song, which means it’d better if you practice it step by step with a metronome and at a slower tempo at first.


Euphoria is a heavenly beautiful song to play on the piano and the lyrics are really emotional too. It’s one of my favorite songs to play on the piano because of its optimistic feeling and touching melody.

It’s a song with a moderate tempo, and there are no challenging parts, so it’s a perfect song for both beginner and intermediate players to learn.


ON is a song that is normally quite upbeat and moving, but sounds like an emotional and sad song on the piano😄. However, I must admit that I love the solo piano version of this song way more than I do the original.

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It’s one of the easiest songs on this list and any beginner can learn it. The left plays only one simple chord at a measure, while the right-hand plays the melody. Unlike the first two songs, ON doesn’t require any complicated left-hand accompaniment, plus it improves your right-hand dexterity.

I highly recommend learning this song to beginners.

Spring Day

Spring Day is another beautiful song that has a perfect match with the sound of the piano. It’s my other favorite to play on the piano, and you can see why. The song is really touching and emotional and has a sweet melody.

The piano sheet music you can find below is also quite beginner-friendly because it doesn’t have any challenging passages. The left-hand part is mainly arpeggios, so you can practice this song as a fun arpeggio exercise as well.


Butterfly is a song that I think anyone would enjoy both playing and listening to! Originally, it’s a romantic ballad with a beautiful acoustic guitar intro, however, the piano version of the song is as beautiful as the original production.

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The piano tutorial video you can find above is a really good one, so you can rely on the video to learn this song. Its arrangement is pretty simple yet beautiful.

The Truth Untold 

The Truth Untold is actually a piano ballad, and this makes it the perfect song for piano players to learn. The original piano part in the song is incredibly simple, which means you can sound exactly like the original by playing very simple chords.

It’s also a really sad song that sounds impressive, so I highly recommend that you learn this song even if you are not a BTS fan.


Fake Love is one of the rarest songs that is originally an electro-pop and a hip hop song that sounds amazing on a solo piano arrangement. It has an interesting and catchy chord progression that I think you’ll love too.

The song sounds quite majestic at the hook with both hands playing mostly chords. If you are a beginner and struggling with playing chords with both hands, you can just play the melody until you feel ready to make the chord transitions at the tempo of the song.


Serendipity is a really chill song that I enjoy both playing and listening to. It’s a very simple song that any beginner can learn and master in an hour.


While most BTS songs can be considered as hits, DNA is a really huge hit, and luckily it sounds great on the solo piano. You can learn this song if you’re looking for something very popular and fun to play.

The solo piano arrangement may be a bit challenging for beginners, however, it’s not difficult to play it with enough practice. Don’t forget to practice it with a metronome!


The solo piano version of Singularity sounds like music that you would hear in a jazz bar or a luxurious restaurant. Its chord progression and melody are quite interesting yet simple to play even for beginners.

If you are looking for a chill, slow and easy song to learn from BTS, this song may be the right one. I personally enjoy playing this late at night because of its jazzy and relaxing vibe 😄


Mikrokosmos is both an inspirational and romantic song that gives me good vibes every time I listen to it because it’s really meaningful. The solo piano version of the song is beautiful as well, especially because of its optimistic melody.

Mikrokosmos is an easy song, which means both beginner and intermediate players can learn it without any difficulty. There are sweet arpeggio patterns at the beginning which is the most enjoyable part of the song for me.

Black Swan

Black Swan is one of my favorite BTS songs that sound amazing on the piano at the same time. I’m still amazed by how a hip hop song with a heavy electronic influence can turn into a  beautiful romantic ballad when you play it on the piano 😄

The piano arrangement of the song is quite easy. The left-hand presses only the chords while the right-hand plays the melody. The melody that the right hand is playing is really catchy though, which makes this song quite fun to play!


These were the 12 best BTS songs to play on the piano.

Which BTS song on piano is your favorite?

Let me know in the comments!

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