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5 Beautiful Corpse Bride Piano Songs

April 12, 2023 Selin Gökova 3 min read No Comments

Corpse Bride is a movie with hauntingly beautiful songs that are mostly performed on the piano. All songs in the movie are composed by Danny Elfman, a famous and iconic film music composer.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the most iconic Corpse Bride piano songs that have left an indelible mark on us since the movie’s release more than 15 years ago.

Best of all, these songs are very easy to play on the piano. Even if you’re a beginner pianist, you can master them with a little bit of practice.

Now, let’s dive into Corpse Bride piano music and explore these timeless musical gems.

Corpse Bride Piano Sheet Music Books – Quick Overview

Victor’s Piano Solo

Victor’s Piano Solo is perhaps the most well-known and iconic song from Corpse Bride. It is performed by Victor, the protagonist of the movie who is a very talented piano player, as he prepares for his wedding. The scene beautifully captures the soul and emotional depth of the character.

The piece starts with a gentle arpeggiated piano melody, building up to a more intense and dramatic section toward the middle. Overall, the song alternates between these two contrasting sections, ending with the soft and gentle tone it starts with.

If you want to play Copse Bride piano songs, this one has to be on your list!

Sheet music

The Piano Duet

The Piano Duet belongs to one of the most memorable scenes from the movie, where Victor and Emily play a beautiful piano duet together. It’s really an iconic scene, with both characters taking turns to play and expressing their emotions through piano keys with their virtuosity.

While Emily’s solo part feels sad and lonely at the beginning, the piece transforms into a hopeful and playful duet as Victor sits and joins Emily. The piano becomes a vehicle for their intimate connection and communication.

Sheet music

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Main Titles

The Main Titles song is the first piece we hear when the movie begins. Brief yet remarkable, it features a gentle and beautiful piano melody accompanied by strings and a choir section.

Conveying a melancholic, mysterious, and romantic feeling, it sets the mood for the movie’s dark and gothic atmosphere.

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And, we really like this solo piano version! It sounds as beautiful as it is with strings and choir accompaniment.

Sheet music

Remains of the Day

With its jazzy and lively character, Remains of the Day provides a special joyful moment in the otherwise dark and melancholic movie. It is performed by a group of skeletons who all participate in the performance either through singing, dancing, or playing instruments.

The song has a jazzy style featuring piano, percussion, brass, and a chorus section that takes us back to the big band era.

It’s an incredible piano performance from the movie that is absolutely fun to watch and play.

Sheet music

Tears to Shed

Performed by Corpse Bride and accompanied by two other characters, Tears To Shed represents a pivotal moment in the movie where she expresses her pain and longing for love as a dead body.

Performing this song on the piano really adds so much to its melancholic and bittersweet nature. If you can sing as well, we highly encourage you to play it and experience the emotional depth this beautiful song holds.

Sheet music

These were the 5 most famous Corpse Bride piano songs. We hope you like them as much as we do.

Which Corpse Bride music is your favorite? We’d like to know! Please share it in the comments below.

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