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13 Easy One Hand Piano Songs Anyone Can Play

November 4, 2020 Selin Gökova 6 min read No Comments

Looking for easy one hand piano songs to learn quickly as a beginner?

Trying to play with both hands might be really challenging at the beginning. Your hands may be moving independently and you may not be able to control it.

If you’re at this phase, it’s a good idea to learn simple one hand songs first because it will help your hands get used to the piano. It’s also great to keep you motivated because those songs can be easily learned even as a complete beginner.

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In fact, you don’t even need to have prior experience with the piano to play the easy one hand songs. I taught a lot of people who never touched a piano before how to play the songs on this list, and you can learn them too!

If you’re a self-teaching pianist or a piano teacher, it’s always good to have a sheet music book as you’ll have a wide variety of songs to choose from while practicing/teaching.

The books below are my top recommendations. They feature dozens of fun and simple one-hand songs for different age levels.

Best One-Hand Piano Sheet Music Books – Quick Overview

You can learn all of them by watching the easy tutorials and getting sheet music that I included. You will be amazed by how quickly you start to play these famous tunes on the piano!

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Hedwig’s Theme

You can quickly learn this simple yet insanely famous tune by using your right hand only.

The tutorial is really good because it first starts at a very slow tempo to clearly show you which keys you should press. It’s also really helpful to learn the names of the notes because it teaches you the song on a piano with letters.

Sheet music

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a beginner song that you can learn literally in five minutes 😄

It’s usually the first song I teach people who want to learn to play some one hand piano songs.

Sheet music


This beautiful yet sad song is a great one to play on the piano.

If you know the song, it won’t take you too long learning it.

By the way, when you will be able to play the piano with both hands, don’t forget to learn the left-hand accompaniment as well because this song sounds really beautiful with a left-hand accompaniment.

Sheet music

Nokia Tune

Nokia Tune is an extremely popular tune that I think everyone will recognize.

I wanted to include this one on the list because it’s really fun to learn and play 😄

You should learn it at a slow tempo at first just like shown in the tutorial because the tempo of this tune might be a little bit tricky.

Other than that it is incredibly simple and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to learn.

Amazing Grace

You don’t need to use your two hands to play this beautiful hymn.

The speed of this tutorial is perfect for beginners. It even shows where to position the right hand, which makes it incredibly simple to play.

Sheet music


This insanely popular song is really fun to play on the piano.

It always cheers me up because I think the rhythm of the song is quite catchy.

The tutorial above teaches you the full song, which means it’s a bit longer than the previous ones.

If you find it too long to memorize, you can just learn the verse and the hook because it repeats throughout the song anyway.

The song also contains some accidentals (black keys), which is great to start familiarizing yourself with sharps and flats I think.

Sheet music

Pink Panther Theme

Pink Panther Theme is another very fun and popular tune.

It was one of the first songs I learned when I was starting out and I remember I had always so much fun playing it.

It’s also easily recognizable and short, which makes it one of the best simple one-hand piano songs you can learn.

Sheet music

Happy Birthday to You

Wouldn’t it be nice if you played this birthday tune for a close friend or a family member on their birthday?

I guess it would be a really amazing and interesting gift.

The tutorial teaches at a slow enough tempo to follow and see which keys you should press.

You can either separate the notes between your both hands or play the entire song with your left or right hand only.

Sheet music

Can You Feel The Love Tonight 

This is one of my favorite movie songs and I was so happy to find an easy one-hand piano tutorial for it.

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Can You Feel The Love Tonight is a really nice one to learn on the piano. It’s a beautiful and touching song, and the great thing is that you can add in the left-hand accompaniment later when you will be able to.

Overall, this song is a good one to have in your repertoire at any level.

Sheet music

Jingle Bells

It’s another highly-requested song by people who want to play some easy right hand piano songs.

Learning Jingle Bells is an excellenr opportunity to show off your skills to your friends and family at Christmas celebrations🎉

Sheet music

Samsung Tune 

While it’s not as famous as the Nokia tune, the Samsung ringtone can also be a really fun pick.

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It only has one simple melody that is repeated twice, so it should take you a maximum of 10 mins to learn and master this song.

Superman Theme

If you are a superman fan, you’re going to love this tutorial.

It’s the one hand easy arrangement for the epic tune of Superman composed by John Williams, which I think is well worth learning because it’s short yet touching.

Sheet music

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

This lovely Christmas song is a bit longer than Jingle Bells, but I think it also sounds really nice with this simple one-hand arrangement.

You only need to use the first five notes of the octave to play the song (C-D-E-F-G), so learning this song will be incredibly simple for anyone.

Sheet music


This was the list of 13 easy one-handed piano songs for beginners.

Even if you don’t have any prior experience playing the piano, these songs may be a good starting point for you.

Which song did you like most? Which songs are you going to learn?

Let me know in the comments!

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