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15 Flute Duets For Every Skill Level

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Flute duets are a great way for flute players to learn how to work together and create beautiful music. Luckily, when it comes to duet pieces, the flute repertoire is very rich. From classical to contemporary music, there are plenty of beautiful works written for two flutes.

In this post, we have compiled a list of flute duets for beginners, intermediate and advanced players so that you can choose a piece suitable for your level. We have tried to include only the pieces that were originally written for two flutes, though you’ll also find some beautiful arrangement pieces.

We hope this list will help you find the perfect flute duet to play with your partner and enhance your flute skills.

Best Flute Duet Songbooks – Quick Overview

Easy Flute Duets

Amazing Grace

This well-known Christian hymn has countless arrangements for different instruments, and we particularly love this arrangement for two flutes. Both flute parts play the melody line and beautifully complement each other.

Amazing Grace is an incredibly easy piece that any beginner can pick up very quickly. It’s also perfect to play on religious occasions as well, so I highly recommend adding it to your repertoire.

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Waltz From The Sleeping Beauty – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Composed by the Russian composer Tchaikovsky, The Waltz from “The Sleeping Beauty” is a famous piece from the ballet of the same name. It is originally an orchestra piece, but this arrangement for two flutes sounds as gorgeous as the original.

The piece switches between legato and staccato, and calls for expressive and lively playing. Overall, it’s a fun and famous piece that I believe beginner flutists will find great joy in.

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Silent Night

This flute arrangement of the Christmas classic Silent Night is perfect for beginner players. It features 2 flutes, both playing the melody line at different registers.

This duet arrangement showcases the expressiveness of the flute as a musical instrument and highlights the enduring appeal of “Silent Night” as a beloved Christmas classic.

If you’re looking for an easy flute duet for Christmas, Silent Night is a must-learn!

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24 Progressive Duets – Francois Devienne

Composed by the French composer and flutist Francois Devienne, ‘’24 Progressive Duets’’ aims to introduce beginner players to the art of duet playing while improving their technique and music theory knowledge. Featuring a progressive order, each duet builds on the techniques introduced in the preceding duet.

The duets range from easy to moderately difficult, with a focus on developing tone, articulation, intonation, and phrasing. They can be played by 2 beginner flutists or a beginner flutist with his or her instructor.

Overall, these duets by Devienne will greatly support the development of aspiring beginner and intermediate flutists.

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Intermediate Flute Duets

Maya – Ian Clarke

Despite being released in 1998, this beautiful piece by Ian Clarke has managed to become one of the favorites of the whole flute repertoire. It is particularly known for its musicality and innovative approach to contemporary flute music.

Maya is written for 2 flutes and a piano, and the piano accompaniment adds even more richness and depth to it.

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This duet features a simple notation and is accessible for intermediate players. I would say the greatest challenge is the constant double-tonguing of each flute part. However, it’s also a great opportunity to master your double-tonguing technique.

If your level is intermediate and above, make Maya the next piece to learn with your duet partner if you haven’t already.

Sheet music

Six Canonic Sonatas – Georg Philipp Telemann

The Canonic Sonatas of Telemann is a collection of six pieces written for 2 instruments. These duets can be played by a variety of instruments including violins, flutes, and harpsichords, and are among the staple works of the Baroque repertoire.

All duets are written in a canonic style, which means both flute parts imitate each other and are interdependent. With their intricate counterpoint, expressive melodies, and harmonies, these sonatas will be a great addition to the intermediate flutist’s repertoire.

Sheet music

Tale As Old As Time’ From Beauty and the Beast

If you would like to play more contemporary duets with your partner rather than classical pieces, my next recommendation is for you. Tale as Old as Time is an iconic song from the famous Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, and I’m in love with this arrangement for two flutes.

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The melody is gentle and enchanting, calling for an expressive and lyrical playing of both flutes. The best thing about this song is that it’s instantly recognizable to anyone, which makes it a great addition to any flutist’s repertoire.

Sheet music

Six Duets for Two Flutes – Johann Joachim Quantz

If you enjoy playing Baroque pieces, I have another recommendation for you. Six Duets for Two Flutes is a collection of flute duets composed by the Baroque composer Quantz and a staple of flute instruction.

Written in the Baroque style, these flute duets employ counterpoint and are notable for their technical challenges such as intricate ornamentation and rapid articulations. They also require expressive playing from both partners.

If you want to improve your technique as a flutist or introduce your student to the Baroque repertoire, this collection by Quantz is a great place to start.

Sheet music

Scherzo from A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Felix Mendelssohn

Scherzo from A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a well-known work from the stage production of Shakespeare’s play of the same name. While it was originally written for a full orchestra, it is now frequently performed as a duet for two flutes.

The Scherzo is a lively and playful composition, characterized by its swift, light-hearted melody, and intricate rhythms. It also sounds challenging enough and is perfect to perform on any occasion.

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Duo for 2 flutes, WoO 26 – Ludwig van Beethoven

Another beloved and frequently performed piece in the flute repertoire, the Duo for 2 Flutes by Beethoven is a perfect flute duet geared towards intermediate players. It consists of three movements, with the first movement characterized by a lively interplay between the two parts, and the second movement featuring a slower, more lyrical melody.

The third movement returns back to the lively and energetic character of the first movement while featuring intricate counterpoint and syncopated rhythms. Overall, this duet is filled with beautiful harmonies and melodies that I can’t get enough listening to.

Sheet music

Six Duets for Two Flutes – Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

The Six Duets for Two Flutes by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach is an important collection of flute duets from the Baroque era. Both flute parts have equal importance and take the turn to lead, which makes the pieces sound more exciting and keeps both flutists engaged.

These duets are geared towards intermediate to advanced players. Although they come with a few technical challenges for early-intermediate players, they can easily be overcome with good practice and present a great opportunity for technical advancement.

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Advanced Flute Duets

Andante et Rondo, Op.25 for – Franz Doppler

Andante and Rondo by the Hungarian composer Franz Doppler is a unique work that is both technically challenging and melodically beautiful. It features piano accompaniment in addition to two flutes, and all players are expected to be at an advanced level to perform this work.

The Rondo is a vivacious and energizing piece with a quick pace and impressively detailed passagework. A stunning cadenza for the flutes is also included in the composition, giving the musicians a chance to show off their technical proficiency and brilliance.

All in all, it’s a difficult and exciting work that displays the expressive range of the flute and the musicians’ virtuosity.

Sheet music

Fantasia Mexicana – Samuel Zyman

Fantasia Mexicana is one of my favorite compositions on this list due to its unique style, charming melody, and lively character. Its uniqueness comes from the inspiration it draws from traditional Mexican folk music, incorporating rhythmic patterns and melodic elements from various regions of Mexico. This work features a breathtaking piano accompaniment as well.

It is a very lively and animated piece that uses a variety of techniques, including glissandos and complex interplay between the two flutes. It is written with advanced players in mind and therefore demands a high degree of technical proficiency.

With its captivating and challenging nature, Fantasia Mexicana is an incredibly rewarding and fun flute duet for advanced flutists.

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Masque – Toru Takemitsu

Composed by the Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu in 1959, Masque is a mesmerizing work for two flutes. It’s notable for blending traditional Japanese and Western musical elements, creating a unique listening experience.

It features extended techniques such as flutter-tonguing, harmonics, and breathy tones. In addition to requiring advanced technical ability, the intricate interplay between the two flutes also calls for good harmony between the duet partners.

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Three Virtuoso Duets for Two Flutes – Friedrich Kuhlau

The Three Virtuoso Duets for Two Flutes by Friedrich Kuhlau are highly demanding pieces that are intended for advanced players. Despite the technical difficulty, these flute duets are highly musical and feature beautiful harmonies.

For advanced-level flutists looking for a challenging and rewarding addition to their repertoire, these duets by Kuhlau are a great choice.

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