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Best Keyboard Flight Cases In 2023

April 16, 2023 Selin Gökova 4 min read No Comments

Looking for the best keyboard flight cases to travel with? You’ve come to the right place!

Traveling with a keyboard can be daunting, especially when you’re traveling by air. There are many risks involved, and damage to the instrument is one that you can easily avoid by getting a solid keyboard flight case.

I’ve traveled many times with my keyboard and one thing I’ve realized is that a solid keyboard case always pays off. Airlines can be quite rough with the luggage, and a quality keyboard travel case can provide peace of mind and protect your instrument.

Why Do You Need a Keyboard Flight Case?

Keyboard flight cases are hard cases that are designed to provide the maximum level of protection your instrument needs during air travel. They feature hard exteriors that not only protect the keyboard from scratches and dings but also from any serious damage. They also feature wheels to ensure smooth traveling.

In addition, not all hard cases can meet travel requirements, while keyboard travel cases are designed specifically to meet all travel restrictions. It’s also worth noting that some airlines even require you to travel with a flight case.

Noe that you know it’s essential to have a flight case, let’s look at the best flight cases for keyboards that are on the market. Whether you’re a gigging or touring musician or just someone who wants to keep their keyboard safe, these cases will get you covered.

Best Keyboard Flight Cases

Gator Cases Molded Flight Case (GRSA)

88 key keyboard travel case
  • Available for: 49, 61, 76, 88 keys

Gator is a household name when it comes to instrument cases, and this flight case is one of their best products. Offering exceptional protection for your instrument during transport with a number of impressive features, it’s one of the best keyboard flight cases you can get on the market.

Its polyethylene construction ensures that your instrument is protected even in the face of the most serious damage. In addition, it features two TSA-approved locking latches that take the protection level to new heights.

With a unique wedge and block design, this case allows you to customize the interior and fit your keyboard to your ideal position.

This flight case offers the most ergonomic and easy transportation with its comfortable ergonomic handle and a spring-loaded tow handle that features a rubber grip. Another winning feature of this case is its wheels which are in easy-glide inline style and have a weight capacity of 200lb.

If you’re wondering if this case can fit your keyboard, it probably can. This case was designed to fit a wide range of popular keyboard brands – Yamaha, Nord, Roland, Kurzweil, Moog, and Korg, to name but a few.

On a budget and looking for an 88-key keyboard? Check out this post where we listed the best cheap 88-key keyboards.

Harmony Cases Rolling ATA Hard Custom Case

88 key keyboard flight case
  • Available for: 37, 61, 76, 88 keys

This keyboard flight case by Harmony is another excellent product that offers top-notch protection for your keyboard. Made of 3/8″ plywood with a laminated finish, this case offers excellent build quality and is extremely bulletproof.

It features a foam-lined interior and eggshell foam on the lid to keep the keyboard securely in place. Outside, the chrome-finished hardware and recessed latch provide maximum protection from any kind of damage. The rounded ball corners also reduce the risk of damaging both the case and surrounding objects.

The case does come with rolling wheels, but it’s still quite heavy even without a keyboard inside, the 88-note model weighing around 60 lbs. While it may not be the lightest option available, the incredible protection, sturdiness, and durability it offers really make it a worthwhile investment for your instrument.

SKB ATA Keyboard Case

flight case for keyboard
  • Available for: 61, 76, 88 keys

SKB cases are known for their high quality and durability, and this one is no exception. This SKB case is one of the best keyboard flight cases you can find on the market.

It’s extremely sturdy and provides excellent protection for your keyboard. The interior is adjustable and the interior padding is very high-quality.

It accommodates TSA-approved locking latches, which ensure the secure locking of your instrument and allow for hassle-free security inspections and relocking. The hook and loop fastener surface and the corner cleat design ensure that your keyboard stays securely in place during transport.

The foam on the lid also adds another layer of support, and the exterior bumpers protect the instrument from damage caused by impacts.

What is cool about this case is that it only weighs 16 lbs, which is incredibly lightweight. With a handle and built-in wheels, this case is incredibly easy to carry and will smoothly accompany you on your travels.

Crossrock Keyboard Case

61 key keyboard flight case
  • Available for: 61 keys

If you’re looking for a 61-key keyboard flight case, this one by Crossrock is unbeatable. It’s only available in 61 keys and is designed to fit the most popular keyboards from brands including Yamaha, Roland, and Korg.

What makes this case stand out is that it is made from injection-molded PP material, offering superior durability and sturdiness. It is also equipped with molded latches, a handle, and hinges for added security and durability. Plus, the integrated latches and hinges provide top-notch sealing and waterproofing.

If you want to customize the interior, this case features removable foam blocks that extend the space and allows you to fit keyboards with larger workstations.

Coming in at around 20 pounds, it’s also one of the lightweight options out there.

We hope you found this list of the best keyboard travel cases useful. Keyboard cases are a worthwhile investment to protect your instrument, and a solid keyboard flight case will ensure the safety of your keyboard while traveling.

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