Top 6 Queen Songs To Play On Piano

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Looking for Queen songs to play on the piano?

Either you are a piano player exhausted from practicing classical pieces or just a beginner looking for easy and fun stuff to start with, I can assure you that learning Queen songs on piano is the best step you can take!

I’ve been playing Queen songs on piano for years and I always find them quite useful for both improving my piano technique and expanding my rock music repertoire.

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Since the piano is the main instrument in most of the Queen songs, I guess any pianist should be familiar with at least one song from Queen.

Below, I listed some of the benefits of learning Queen songs on piano for both beginners and advanced players.


  • Playing Queen songs will make you familiar with the basic chord-melody structure in music. Queen rock ballads are rich in texture. This will make your transition to more advanced pieces much easier in the future.
  • Unlike other beginner songs, they are fun to play! Even the easy versions of the songs will make you keep entertained, which is a crucial element when first starting out. Beginners can easily lose motivation due to boring beginner pieces.


  • Playing the original versions of some Queen songs on the piano such as Bohemian Rhapsody or Somebody to Love requires almost similar technical skills as you would need when playing Chopin or Beethoven. This is great to protect your technique while allowing you to have some fun at the same time!
  • Every pianist should have a rich repertoire that includes pieces from different genres. This will improve your interpretation skills and perspective. And trust me, playing Queen in friend gatherings will draw much more attention than playing a classical piece!

So, I guess now you have some good reasons to start learning Queen songs on the piano.

Best Queen Piano Songbooks – Quick Overview

In the list below, I gathered the top 6 Queen songs along with their piano tutorials to help you get started.

For those who prefer to read them from sheet music, you can also find the sheet music for every song.

Ready to rock?

Bohemian Rhapsody

Undoubtedly, Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the most popular and fun songs to play on the piano.

Even after years of playing it, I am still amazed by its rich texture, contrasting sections, and pleasing melody. Plus, you want to know a secret?

Anywhere you play this song, everybody will recognize it and start to sing along, which makes playing this song even more fun. And guess what? Learning this legendary song is not hard at all. 

The Youtube channel Pianote has a quite detailed tutorial on this song with clear instructions. Therefore, I highly recommend you to follow along with this Bohemian Rhapsody piano tutorial.

You’ll have so much fun learning it! 

Sheet Music

Somebody to Love

This is another legendary song of Queen that is accompanied mainly by the piano. The opening piano riff of Somebody to Love is very iconic and easily recognizable, which is a great reason to include this song in your repertoire.

Though the original piano version of Somebody to Love that Freddie Mercury plays is a bit difficult for a beginner, you can learn its easy version with the tutorial below.

Sheet Music

Killer Queen

Killer Queen is such a fun song to play, especially if you can sing along the lyrics or have someone to sing for you!

Besides being fun, this song is a great choice to learn to play an upbeat accompaniment that consists of successive chord patterns.

After learning Killer Queen on piano, you will better deal with similar passages in your future pieces that will feature fast chord shifts.

This tutorial teaches you the original version, which you can give a try even if you are a beginner.

Sheet Music

Love of My Life

This beautiful piano rock ballad is one of the easiest songs that you can play by Queen.

Just like its lyrics, the piano accompaniment of Love of My Life is emotional and moving, which makes this Queen song a perfect choice for you!

Here is the link to a beginner tutorial for Love of My Life.

Sheet Music

You Take My Breath Away

You Take My Breath Away is another piano rock ballad, that features a rich chord-melody structure.

Learning this song, you will have a better understanding of how the melody line in the right hand can flow with the chord progression in your left hand. Plus, this song is simple to learn yet beautiful!

Here is a piano tutorial for it:

Don’t Stop Me Now

The last song I want to include in this list is Don’t Stop Me Now, which is another upbeat and fun song. Give it a try by checking out this easy version.

Sheet Music

These were the 6 best Queen songs you can easily learn on the piano.

What is your favorite Queen piano song?

Let me know in the comments!

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