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13 Best Anime Piano Songs to Play

October 10, 2020 Selin Gökova 5 min read No Comments

Looking for anime piano songs to play?

With their emotional and catchy nature, it’s no doubt that Anime songs are as famous as Anime series. Though I have only watched a few anime series so far, I listen to a lot of anime music because I love how their lyrics and music are so meaningful and impressive.

Some anime songs sound so good on the piano that their piano covers and arrangements are more famous than the originals. If you love listening to Anime songs on the piano like me, I think you’ll love this list!

I’ve compiled 13 best anime songs that sound amazing on the piano along with the ones that are originally written for the piano. You will find their sheet music and tutorial videos if you’d like to play them on the piano as well!

There are both easy and advanced songs, so I hope you’ll find something that fits your level if you want to learn them.

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Lilium-Elfen Lied

This tender song was the opening theme for the anime series Elfen Lied. The song is as magical as the series, and it seems that that Lilium has become even more famous as a song than the series over the years!

The piano version is wonderful and soft as well, and it’s an easy song to play, so I recommend that you give it a try if you are a beginner.

Sheet music

Unravel-Tokyo Ghoul

Unravel is a legendary anime soundtrack from Tokyo Ghoul, and this piano cover is the most viewed anime piano cover on Youtube. So, it’s safe to say that this piano cover has become another legend!

I know this piano version is impossible to play for most of us… However, you can check out this easy sheet music if you want to play Unravel, which sounds beautiful as well!

Kataware Doki-Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)

Your Name is a romantic fantasy movie that tells the story of a high school boy and a girl from different towns. Just like the movie, the song has a romantic feeling to it, which I really enjoy playing.

This is an excellent anime piano song to practice your chord-playing skills. It has a calm nature and doesn’t have any challenging parts, which makes it easy to learn.

All of the songs from this anime movie are actually fantastic and I enjoy playing all of them on the piano. I highly recommend checking out the full soundtrack album if you’ve enjoyed this one. 

Check out the piano songbook of the movie:

Sadness and Sorrow-Naruto

Sadness and Sorrow is the soundtrack of Naruto, which is one of the most famous anime series. It’s quite emotional and sorrowful, and this song represents Naruto’s loneliness.

Sadness and Sorrow is a quite calm song and should be played at a slow tempo, which makes it easy for beginners to learn.

Easy sheet music

Advanced sheet music

You Can Become a Hero!-Boku no Hero Academia

A beautiful song that is filled with hope and ambition just like the series, and sounds incredible on the piano!

It’s another easy song that you can learn as a beginner.

Sheet music

Again-Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April is a very heartbreaking anime, which is about a child piano prodigy who loses all his passion for music until he meets a violinist girl. The story is extremely emotional, which you can feel even by listening to its soundtrack.

Fairy Tail Main Theme

This famous soundtrack of the anime series Fairy Tail is quite energetic and uplifting. It’s also quite repetitive and the dynamic changes are amazing.

Easy sheet music

Advanced sheet music

This Game-No Life No Game

The opening song of No Life No Game, this song is incredibly fun to listen to and play! The original song starts with a soft piano and becomes a rock song in the middle. I hope Season 2 comes soon and we get to hear this music more!

Sheet music

Next to You-Parasyte

A heavenly beautiful and touching soundtrack from Parasyte OP, which sounds really sweet on the piano.

Sheet music

Lost My pieces-Toradora!

This one is quite melodic and emotional as well. The original of Lost My Pieces is played with the violin and piano, so if you have a violinist friend, this song might be a perfect choice to play together!

Sheet music

DEPARTURe-Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is considered one of the best manga series and Departure was its opening music for the whole 148 episodes. However, I see that no one got bored at all as it’s quite catchy and has a lot of character to it.

Sheet music

Again-Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Again is another iconic opening theme to the legendary anime series FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I always get motivated and optimistic whenever I listen to this song and I think you’ll love it too :)!

Sheet music

One Summer’s Day-Spirited Away

This one is one of the few songs on this list that are initially composed for the piano, and its composer is Joe Hisaishi (he is a well-known soundtrack composer). One Summer’s Day is an absolutely sweet piano song from Spirited Away that is quite easy to learn and play.

Sheet music


I hope you like this list of top Anime songs on piano.

Which Anime song did you like most? Are they easy to play for you?

Let me know in the comments!

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