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Best 49-Key Keyboards – Top Picks In 2023

August 20, 2023 Selin Gökova 4 min read No Comments

This post is all about the best 49-key keyboards.

49-key keyboards offer a portable and affordable alternative to full-sized keyboards. Thanks to their compact and lightweight body, they are incredibly easy to carry around or practice at narrow spaces.

They offer a practical solution not only for musicians on the go but also for beginners looking to start their piano journey with a more relaxed approach. While 49 keys won’t get you too far and will limit your learning after a certain point, I think you can still learn the fundamental concepts on it.

My first keyboard also had 49 keys and I practiced on it for almost a year. I didn’t have any other option then, but I could still learn all the essentials like note-reading, two-hand playing and basic music theory. So, if you want to learn the piano but don’t want to invest heavily on a bigger size keyboard at first or have space limitations, I think 49-key keyboards are perfect options.

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Below, I have picked the best 49-key keyboards you can find on the market in 2023. I have selected them based on their brand, build-quality, sound-quality and functions they offer.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that none of these keyboards will have impressive sound-quality or weighted keys, so I would suggest keeping your expectations low in those aspects. These keyboards were simply designed to either offer a simple start to beginners or portable options for traveling musicians.

Let’s start.

Best 49-Key Digital Pianos

KONIX 49 Key Piano Keyboard

konix 49 key midi keyboard

Among 49-key keyboards, KONIX’s takes the lead as our top choice. Whether you’re an adult or child beginner, or an advanced player looking for a portable 49-key keyboard to travel with, this one is your best bet.

This keyboard features an extensive sound bank, featuring 129 tones, 128 rhythm patterns, and 30 demo songs. The sound quality is pretty decent for a keyboard this price.

Another huge plus of the KONIX keyboard is the velocity-sensitive keys, which means the keys produce a volume based on how hard you press them. It’s an important feature to familiarize beginners with the dynamics and mechanism of a real acoustic piano.

What’s great is that KONIX keyboard can also function as a MIDI keyboard, allowing beginners to utilize various piano learning apps and games.

With diverse functions such as dual keyboard, split, teaching, and playback modes, this KONIX piano is a solid option for a 49-key keyboard.

RockJam 49 Key Keyboard Piano

rockjam 49 key digital piano

RockJam is a popular brand in the realm of entry-level budget keyboards, and its 49-key model provides everything for beginners to get started.

Overall, it’s packed with educational features, and a great keyboard to learn piano for a child or an adult. It comes with 40 keynote stickers to guide you on which notes and keys you should play as you learn songs. You also get free access to a one-month Simply Piano subscription.

This 49-key keyboard also features 10 different instrument sounds and rhythms, as well as 8 percussion voices and demo songs to encourage musical exploration and creativity.

Best of all, it comes with a sheet music stand.

WOSTOO Kids Piano Keyboard

49 key kids piano

If you’re looking for a 49-key keyboard for your little one, this one by Wostoo is a great pick. It is aimed at kids to introduce them to the joy of piano playing.

This keyboard comes with a number of different sounds, rhythms and demo songs as well as a microphone for kids to encourage musical exploration. There are also different functions such as dual ensemble mode and recording playback functions that help to boost your child’s creativity.

My favorite function though is the ability to connect it to an external device and play any music or sound through the speakers of the keyboard. This feature lets kids play along with their favorite songs on the keyboard.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use first keyboard for your child, Wostoo’s keyboard is definitely worth considering.

Carry-On 49-Key Portable Keyboard

49 key folding keyboard

This Carry-on folding keyboard by Blackstar is another fantastic 49-key keyboard for anyone in need of a portable and easy-to-carry instrument. Featuring 49 standard-size keys, it can be folded in half and weighs only 1 kg, making it super easy to carry and store.

You can fold it in half, put it into your backpack (it’s that small when folded), and take it anywhere you go. It can serve both as a first keyboard for beginners or a second keyboard for more experienced pianists to practice on the go.

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The Carry-on keyboard comes with 128 different sounds and rhythms. While the sound quality might have some room for improvement, I find it to be quite respectable considering it was not what this keyboard was made for. I actually like the sounds on Blackstar folding pianos among other folding pianos on the market.

Thanks to the USB connectivity, it can also operate as a MIDI controller, allowing you to connect it to a DAW and work with better sounds.

Overall, I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a 49-key keyboard that you can easily travel with or a compact keyboard to kickstart your piano learning journey.

Wrapping Up

I hope you like these recommendations for the best 49-key pianos. When it comes to 49-keys, the market is not the most diverse, so I have tried to include the best options from a category with limited options.

Do you have any experience with these keyboards? What are you thoughts? Share with me in the comments below!

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