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19 Best Coldplay Piano Songs to Play

August 7, 2021 Selin Gökova 8 min read No Comments

Looking for the best Coldplay piano songs to learn?

The majority of their discography containing melodic piano-driven songs, the legendary Coldplay is an amazing band to explore for piano players. The fact that Coldplay songs are mostly easy to play is another good reason for adding them to your repertoire.

Best Coldplay Piano Songbooks – Quick Overview

Another great thing about Coldplay is that their songs sound absolutely fantastic on the piano, and they’re among my favorite things to play. Also, people usually recognize the Coldplay songs and start to sing along when you play them in public, especially if the one you’re playing is among the most famous songs such as Clocks.

However, Coldplay has several other piano songs as well that are not that well-known but just as good as the popular ones.

Today, we will look at the best Coldplay piano songs from all of their albums suitable for beginners and advanced players!

Let’s get started.


One of the best-sounding Coldplay songs on the piano, it is why many people start playing the piano. Clocks is built around an iconic repeating piano riff, which most people can easily recognize.

Chris Martin has mentioned in an interview that the song was inspired by the band Muse. I think this fact can partly explain the song’s recognition for its piano part, as Muse is well-known for its sophisticated use of classical piano in most of its songs.

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Although Clocks is not a hard song to play, it’s not the easiest one either. While it features several repeating parts, you should still be able to play arpeggios at a fairly fast pace.

Sheet music


Amsterdam is another beautiful Coldplay song that is centered around piano. The song starts with just solo piano and Chris Martin’s voice, then it builds and adds many layers and emotions.

It also has a fantastic bridge featuring piano and organ, and it is what makes this song so special in my opinion.

Amsterdam is pretty easy to play once you get the hang of it, but the tune for the lyrics is a little more tricky to master. Still, it’s a really fun yet beautiful song to learn for players of any level!

Sheet music

Christmas Lights

This song is a perfect one to play on Christmas, although it’s a fantastic one to play any time really. It has just the right amount of melancholy and hopefulness, which is reflected in its adorable melody.

It’s an intermediate-level song, so if you’re a beginner, it may be a better idea to look for easier Coldplay songs. You can find a ton of easy Coldplay piano songs on this list. Some parts of the song are a little bit tricky in terms of the rhythm. However, if you’re a beginner and up for a challenge, then of course you should go ahead and learn it!

Sheet music


Trouble is one of my favorite songs to play on the piano because of its legendary piano riff. The lyrics of the song feature emotional themes such as longing, unrequited love, and apologies.

The leading instrument being the acoustic piano, instruments such as the guitars and drums also have a significant role in the song.

It’s a fairly easy Coldplay piano song which sounds impressive and is quite enjoyable to play.

Sheet music


Everglow is a sad, melancholic, beautiful, yet uplifting song at the same time. This song also shows Chris Martin’s fantastic piano skills, and the fact that he doesn’t know how to read music isn’t even stopping him!

Everglow is centered around a heartfelt piano melody.

Once I was scrolling through Reddit and came across several people who started playing the piano because of this song. If this song makes you want to start playing the piano as well, there are many free ways to learn the piano online!

Sheet music

Postcards From Far Away

Postcards From Far Away is a beautiful piano interlude that you shouldn’t miss if you’re a piano player. It’s only 48 seconds long, yet so beautiful that I wish it was longer every time I play or listen to it.

Nothing is challenging in this piece. I just can’t enough recommend learning this song for any piano player. It’s short, simple to play, and sounds impressive.

Definitely a must-have in your repertoire!

Sheet music

O (Fly On)

O (Fly On) is the final track from the album Ghost Stories. There is a hidden track in the song, Fly On, which is the part with the piano at the beginning of the track. The rest of the track is the actual “O”, which is an ambient piece at the end.

It’s one of the most beautiful yet easy Coldplay piano songs you can learn. It’s played at a relatively slow pace, and the piece itself is a great continuous flow of relaxation and sounds super peaceful.

Sheet music

The Scientist

One of the most famous Coldplay piano songs, The Scientist is about love, apology, and man’s weakness in the face of love. It’s a piano ballad with guitars, drums, and strings joining after the first verse.

It’s one of the easiest Coldplay songs to play which you can quickly master. It starts with a simple four-chord piano melody, which repeats quite often throughout the piece. You can play this song either as a melody and chord accompaniment, or you can simply press chords and sing along like in the original.

Sheet music

Speed of Sound

Although this song is built around guitar, its iconic riff heard throughout the song is piano, so we couldn’t skip this one on this list. It’s also a great one to play as a guitar and piano duet if you have a guitarist friend!

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Inspired by Kate Bush, Speed of Sound is an upbeat song with an uplifting feeling. It’s an easy song that beginners are encouraged to learn, plus one of the most fun Coldplay songs to play on the piano.

Sheet music

Death and All His Friends

Death and All His Friends is a fantastic Coldplay song with piano, although playing it is a little bit tough. It’s not exactly for beginners, as the song consists of multiple tracks and there are changes in time signatures, which may come as complicated to inexperienced pianists.

However, if you’re an intermediate or an advanced player, go ahead and learn this song as it’s super fun and rewarding to play. I don’t recommend learning this song through Youtube tutorials if you can read sheet music, as the song is a little complicated. Reading through sheet music makes it so much easier for me while playing it which means I can better avoid mistakes.

Sheet music


If you love playing sad songs on the piano, you have to learn Daddy. It’s about uninvolved fathers, and one of the most heartbreaking Coldplay piano songs that will bring tears to your eyes.

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However, I’d count this song as one of the hardest Coldplay songs on piano. Doing the big jumps with the chords across the piano with both hands isn’t so easy for beginners and requires a considerable amount of practice. It’s awesome to hear when you get it right though!

So, maybe this song will be your next challenge?

Sheet music


Written by Coldplay, this piano ballad was given to Embrace. It’s one of their most beautiful b-sides.

This song can be the easiest Coldplay piano song, as the song only consists of a simple 4-chord piano accompaniment. If you are a beginner, I highly recommend adding this song Gravity to your repertoire!

Sheet music


From the 2017 EP Kaleidoscope, Hypnotised is a beautiful piano song with an amazing atmosphere created by the layers of piano, guitar, bass, drums, strings, and synths.

The good news is that this song is absolutely easy to learn. I believe beginners can greatly benefit from learning this song, as the repetitive patterns in the right hand are great for improving finger dexterity.

Sheet music

Hymn For The Weekend

Featuring Beyonce and Sonam K Ahuja, Hymn For The Weekend is upbeat, uplifting, and catchy. It’s not similar to what Coldplay usually writes, but I still enjoy playing it on the piano because it can easily boost my mood.

It’s quite simple to play as the song is mostly repetitive, yet quite cheerful. If you’re going to learn it, make sure to play it vividly and rhythmically!

Sheet music

Everything’s Not Lost

Everything’s Not Lost is a hopeful, optimistic, and uplifting song that is reflected in its beautiful melody.

It starts at a slow pace with a solo piano and voice, which sounds heavenly beautiful. There is also an adorable guitar riff joining the song later on, and it sounds as nice as the piano parts.

The fact that this song is played at a slow pace and there aren’t any complicated parts makes it a perfect one to learn for players of any level!

Sheet music

Fix You 

Fix You is Coldplay’s one of the most well-known songs, featuring remarkable piano parts. The song was started by Chris Martin in 2002 to comfort his wife, who was dealing with the loss of his father at the time.

Fix You starts with an organ sound, which is then joined by the piano. I highly recommend learning this song for anyone as it’s super beginner-friendly and sounds impressive.

Sheet music

The Hardest Part

The Hardest Part is another mesmerizing Coldplay song with piano parts in it. Chris Martin revealed that the song was inspired by R.E.M.’s famous song Losing My Religion.

The song blends acoustic piano with electric guitar lines, so it can be great to play with a guitarist friend as well!

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It’s a relatively simple and fun song to play that I’m sure you will enjoy. Also, there is a great piano tutorial by PianoHD that I have linked above which you can quickly learn from.

Sheet music

Bani Adam

Bani Adam is without any doubt one of the best Coldplay piano songs, but also the hardest. It’s almost like a classical piece, and getting it right requires a bit of practice.

However, I highly recommend learning this if you’re an intermediate or advanced player because it sounds impressive. It’s also really fun and rewarding to play.

Sheet music

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is a song that has the power to fill you with happiness and sadness at the same time. It’s one of the best Coldplay songs with piano, mainly because of its unbelievably wonderful piano outro.

Although there isn’t any remarkable piano part until the outro, you could still learn the whole song with tutorials or sheet music. Or, you can only learn the outro if you don’t want to deal with the rest of the song.

Sheet music

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