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7 Best Youtube Channels to Learn Piano

August 14, 2020 Selin Gökova 4 min read No Comments

Looking for the best youtube piano channels to learn piano?

Though the piano is one of the best instruments to learn, not everyone can afford a private piano teacher. To be honest, piano lessons are so damn expensive for most of us. I had taken piano lessons for years all of which was very difficult for my family to pay for.

Thank god, we have Youtube. Three years ago I had to stop taking lessons because I had to go to college. I couldn’t afford private piano lessons along with all my college expenses. That’s why I started digging into Youtube to find some Youtube channels to learn the piano. Little did I know that those Youtube piano tutorials I found would teach me amazing stuff for free.

If you are a beginner just starting, you may ask if you can learn piano on Youtube. My answer is Yes, you can definitely learn to play your favorite tunes and chords with some beginner piano tutorials from the channels I will include in my list.

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Moreover, Youtube piano lessons do not only teach you how to play simple songs and chords. Some more classical-oriented channels like Piano Magazine and Josh Wright can teach you more advanced techniques, which you can integrate into your playing in later phases.

By going through this list I created, you will be able to learn the piano by yourself and improve your playing for free.

Piano Tv

Piano TV is one of the best piano Youtube channels out there! I’ve been following it for three years now and I can confidently say it kept me very motivated while I was preparing for my piano exams.

Along with piano tutorials on how to learn pop and classical songs, this channel also has other valuable content such as learning music theory and practice tips. Plus, you will find various videos about composers, different styles, and music history, which is a great way to supplement your piano education.


Did you know that Billie Eilish learned to play the piano by watching HDpiano’s tutorials?

Probably you didn’t and this info should be very inspiring for everyone trying to become musicians! It is just so motivating to think that the piano tutorials you watch on Youtube can help you become a world superstar.

Though no further explanation needed to tell what a great channel HDpiano is, I can say that it is a great resource to learn popular songs on the piano. Those popular songs do not only include pop and rock songs but also movie soundtracks and neo-classical pieces.


Josh Wright

Hosted by Billboard #1 artist Josh Wright, this channel is another great resource for pianists from any level. I still can’t believe that Josh is sharing all these piano tutorials for free. Though Josh Wright mostly focuses on classical piano and repertoire, any piano player can benefit from his videos.

This channel is beneficial especially for those looking to learn new piano techniques and correct the wrong ones. Also, you will be able to learn classical pieces by watching his how-to-play videos.


If you want to learn piano on Youtube as a beginner, Pianote should be your first stop! I can’t recommend this channel more to beginner piano players. It has amazing tutorials for playing chords, piano improvisation, jazz piano, popular piano songs, and fundamental piano techniques.

I really like how the instructors are taking you step by step while teaching something. Whenever I watch their videos I feel like I’m in a real private piano lesson, which is one of the reasons why Pianote is such a successful piano channel with +550.000 subscribers.

Bill Hilton

You should watch Bill Hilton if you want to learn some cool piano chord playing styles, the songwriting on piano, and improvising. Unlike Josh Wright and Pianist Magazine, Bill Hilton will teach you how to play the piano without having sight-reading skills, which is great for beginners.

By watching his piano tutorials, you will learn how to play blues, jazz, pop, and rock piano with no prior experience. Advanced piano players can also benefit from his videos since he covers a wide variety of styles in his tutorials.

Pianist Magazine

Most of its tutorials given by award-winning pianist Graham Fitch, Pianist Magazine has high-quality piano education videos for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

Just like Josh Wright, this channel also focuses on classical piano playing. However, all the lessons are like masterclasses for a specific piano technique, which is worth watching even if you are not interested in classical music. The videos will help you learn the piano techniques in detail. The greatest thing is that you can apply the techniques you learn in this channel to your playing in any genre!

Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]

The best thing about Pandapiano is that it only focuses on teaching you how to play hits on the piano. In the videos, there is no instructor but only the visual tutorials.

If you are a beginner and don’t want to bother yourself with reading music and learning techniques at first, you can just dive into these tutorials and quickly learn to play your favorite songs on the piano!


I shared seven best piano Youtube channels to learn piano on this list.

I will update this post whenever I discover more of them that are worth sharing with you!

Do you know some other Youtube piano channels to learn the piano? What is your favorite channel among them? Let me know in the comments section below 😊

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