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13 Beautiful Duets for Clarinet And Flute

March 19, 2023 Selin Gökova 6 min read No Comments

Clarinet and flute duets offer a beautiful blend of two distinct timbres, making them a popular choice for chamber musicians and duos. Playing clarinet and flute duets can also be a great opportunity for musicians to improve their ensemble skills, such as matching phrasing, intonation, and dynamics.

Whether you’re looking to perform with a partner or simply appreciate the rich sounds of these instruments playing together, there are plenty of duets for clarinet and flute duets to explore.

From easy duets to the most advanced ones, we’re sure you’ll find something for your skill level here.

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Seventy-Eight Duets For Flute And Clarinet – Himie Voxman

We are starting the list with one of the staple books in clarinet and flute repertoire. Written by the American clarinetist and music educator Himie Voxman, it is a collection of 78 clarinet and flute duets listed in progressive order of difficulty. Coming in two volumes, the first book includes 55 duets from easy to medium difficulty, while the second one includes 23 duets that are at the advanced level.

Each duet is composed in a way that highlights the distinctive features of each instrument. From folk to classical, it also includes duets from a wide range of musical genres and familiarizes students with different playing styles.

Overall, it’s an incredibly valuable resource for flute and clarinet players of any level, and a must-have for any music instructor.

2 Duos for Flute and Clarinet, Op.46 – Kummer kaspar

Written by the German Romantic composer and flutist Kaspar Kummer, these 2 duos are a fantastic addition to any repertoire with their playful and lyrical character. They are composed in the classical style, and you can easily feel the balanced harmony and clear melodies throughout the pieces.

What I love about these duos is that both the flute and clarinet share the spotlight, which allows both instruments to showcase their unique capabilities. While these duets may be challenging for beginners to their technical demands, they are perfect for intermediate players.

Sheet music

Rival for Flute and Clarinet – Anne Mckennon

Are you ready for a musical showdown with your duet partner? Our next piece is not just any duet – it’s a Rival! This high-energy duet for clarinet and flute by Anne McKennon will put your technical skills and musical coordination to the test.

But don’t worry, it’s not all work and no play – Rival is also one of the most entertaining duets out there. So, if you’re up for a challenge and a whole lot of fun, we invite you to learn this piece and add it to your repertoire.

Sheet music

Tarantella – Camille Saint-Saens

The next piece on our list includes a piano in addition to the flute and clarinet. As the name implies, it is based on the traditional Italian dance, tarantella, known for its rapid rhythm.

It’s an exciting duet to play because both the clarinet and flute alternate between leading and accompaniment roles. But what makes this duet truly special is Saint-Saens’ playful and humorous style that adds a layer of excitement and fun to the performance. Overall, an incredibly rewarding piece for intermediate players and above.

Sheet music

Choros No. 2 – Heitor Villa-Lobos

Get ready for a journey to Brazil with this gorgeous duet, Choros No. 2. Influenced by traditional Brazilian music, particularly the choro style, this duet beautifully blends folk elements from Brazilian music with contemporary musical techniques.

With its rhythmic complexities and demanding musicality, this piece will challenge even the most seasoned flute and clarinet duos. Overall, it calls for expressive playing and technical proficiency, but for those up to the challenge, the rewards are immense.

Sheet music

Three American Miniatures – John Rutter

Three American Miniatures are a set of three short duets for clarinet and flute inspired by Rutter’s love for American folk music. With each duet having a unique character and style, the whole performance of these miniatures is a captivating journey through a range of emotions.

From the lively and upbeat “Birthday Rag” to the tender and soulful “Blues”, Three American Miniatures is filled with colorful harmonies and melodies. Suitable for intermediate players and above, these duets are a wonderful addition to any duo’s repertoire.

Sheet music

A Thousand Years for Flute and Clarinet – Christina Perri

If you’re after some popular music to play with your duet partner, this beautiful ballad by Christina Perri is an excellent choice. While the song has been arranged for various instruments, I think this arrangement for the flute and clarinet really takes it to a whole new level.

Beautifully preserving the intimacy and sentiment of the song, A Thousand Years for flute and clarinet is ideal for weddings, recitals, or any situation where a heartfelt musical performance is needed.

Sheet music

Four Waltzes for Flute, Clarinet, and Piano – Dmitri Shostakovich

Our next recommendation is another gorgeous selection for a flute, clarinet, and piano trio. With its romantic yet playful nature, this beautiful collection of four miniatures by Dmitri Shostakovich displays the composer’s distinctive style.

Overall, these duets are perfect for intermediate to advanced duos who are looking for a charming and accessible addition to their repertoire.

Sheet music

Married Life – Michael Giacchino

We are absolutely in awe after hearing this clarinet and flute arrangement of the soundtrack Married Life from the movie Up. With its heartwarming character, Married Life is a great option for duos looking for a romantic and pleasant composition to perform.

If you’re looking for a sweet and accessible duet that is easy to learn yet satisfying for the crowds, this one should definitely be on your list.

Sheet music

Sonatine Modale – Charles Koechlin

Prepare to be captivated! We’re head-over-heels for this duet and this absolutely breathtaking performance. Sonatine Modale, composed by the French maestro Charles Koechlin, is a masterpiece of contemporary music.

With its elegant three-movement structure reminiscent of classical sonatas, this piece is a true gem that showcases Koechlin’s exceptional talent and creativity. The haunting modal harmonies and intricate counterpoint will transport you to another world.

This is a duet that simply begs to be played and heard, and we guarantee it will leave you spellbound.

Sheet music

Duos For Flute And Clarinet Op. 24 – Robert Muczynski

These duos by the American composer Robert Muczynski are a collection of six short duets for clarinet and flute. They especially stand out for their creative harmonies, virtuosic writing, and evocative melodies.

These duos are a perfect representation of Muczynski’s compositional style, which is characterized by emphasized fast sections that are mostly in irregular and accented rhythms, as well as slower passages with modest lyricism.

When it comes to difficulty, these duets feature many technically challenging passages, making them better suited for advanced players.

Sheet music

Sonatina – Matteo Dal Maso

Sonatina by Matteo Dal Maso will make you explore a range of moods and instrumental techniques with your duet partner.

The first movement is marked by an energetic and humorous mood, while the second movement is a slower section, calling for a more expressive and delicate interpretation. Featuring staccato notes and lively rhythms, the third movement returns to the humorous feeling of the first movement.

The piece’s challenging musical passages, combined with its versatile character, make it an exciting addition to any repertoire for intermediate and advanced players willing to broaden their musical horizons.

Sheet music

Andre Jolivet – Sonatine for Flute and Clarinet

If you enjoy avant-garde and modernist works, we have a wonderful recommendation. Consisting of three movements, Sonatine For Flute and Clarinet highlights the unique character of both instruments in each movement.

From complex rhythms and harmonies to flutter tonguing and multiphonics, this duet features advanced techniques and creates an innovative soundscape. While certainly challenging to perform, it is also incredibly rewarding to play, offering a fresh perspective to explore for the most adventurous and ambitious flute and clarinet duos.

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