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8 Best Piano Books With Letter Notes (Kids & Adults)

April 2, 2022 Selin Gökova 4 min read No Comments

Looking for the best piano books with letter notes?

Playing the piano with the help of letter notes is helpful for beginners who have yet to learn how to read music. The letter notes provide an easy way for beginners to find their way around the keyboard. 

With a vast majority of options in the market, it may be hard to decide which songbook best suits your needs. For this reason, we’ve compiled 8 piano songbooks with letter notes that we think are the best on the market. 

Whether you’re a beginner, a music teacher, or a parent, we hope you’ll find something on this list.

If you’re a returning adult, don’t forget to check out our recommended piano books for returning adults as well. 

Let’s get started!

Easy Keyboard Songs For Beginners: 60 Fun & Easy To Play Keyboard Songs For Beginners

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This songbook is perfect for anyone getting started on the piano regardless of age. It features 60 well-known songs in simplified arrangements for one hand, and there are chord indications for the left hand.

The song selection includes children’s songs, Christmas songs, classical songs, and popular tunes, so it’s suited for both children and adult beginners.

A must-have compilation for any beginner!

Easy Keyboard and Piano Pieces: 30 Easy-to-play Pieces for Beginners 

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This book features 30 simple and popular tunes that both kids and adults can enjoy. The progressing level of difficulty in the book makes it an ideal songbook for first-time players. The letters are printed above each note in a large font that is easy to read.

It only features the treble clef without chords or notes for the left hand. If you’re looking for a book to learn to play in bass clef as well, then this book may not be what you’re looking for.

Still, this book is a great value for the price!

Easy Piano Sheet Music for Kids: A Beginners First Book of Easy to Play Classics

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One of the most popular books on the market with letter notes, this songbook is perfect not only for kids but anyone getting started on the piano. It features 40 famous songs for beginners to learn to play with their right hand using only the treble clef. 

Because the tunes are very familiar, beginners can listen for and fix any incorrect notes. The notes and letters above them are well-spaced, making it easy to read for kids.

Easy Piano Songs for Kids: 65 Classic Melodies for Kids to Play on Piano

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This songbook for kids is the most comprehensive book with letters on this list. Other than songs with letter notes, the book also features a crash course teaching the basics of the piano. 

While all of the songs in the book are familiar and fun tunes, there are also MP3 files for every song to make the learning process even easier. The letters above the notes are in an easy-to-read and clear format that is perfect for young kids who are just getting started. 

Super Easy Songbook Series

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When it comes to piano books with letters, Super Easy Songbook Series is an incredible collection that any beginner regardless of their age can benefit from. Each book in the series features 60 easy arrangements for piano based on a theme or style such as Disney, classical, movie, and hymns, to name but a few.

You can check out all the books in the series here and choose the one you like. 

All the songs feature an easy right-hand melody with letters inside each note. Once you feel comfortable playing the right-hand melody, you can try to accompany it with the left-hand chords indicated above each staff. 

Overall, this series offers a wide variety of books with letter notes with a fun and effective approach. 

Little Pianist: Piano Songbook for Kids

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This songbook is one of our top picks for a reason! Featuring a diverse collection of songs from nursery rhymes to simplified classical pieces, the book introduces kids to different types of music. As kids progress through the book, the songs gradually increase in difficulty, helping kids stay motivated and engaged. 

All the songs in the book are written for both treble and bass clef, making you play with both hands from the very beginning.

Another great thing about this book as the songs get more complicated, the letter notes are removed to encourage sightreading. If kids stick with this book until the end, they will acquire basic note reading skills without ever needing the help of letter notes again.   

The book also comes with audio files that make learning the songs even more fun! 

Easy Keyboard Songs – 40 Christmas Carols For Beginners: (version with letter notes)

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Not being able to read notes yet doesn’t mean you can’t play your favorite Christmas songs! This collection contains 40 easy and well-known Christmas carols. The letter notes inside the note head help beginners who don’t read music enjoy the wonderful Christmas carols.

The best thing about this book is that it has finger numbers for each note and left-hand chords for those who want to play the songs with accompaniment.

Pop Hits – Instant Piano Songs: Simple Sheet Music + Audio Play-Along

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Featuring 30 pop hits including songs like All of Me, Viva La Vida, and Riptide, this book is incredibly fun to practice for teenagers or any beginner interested in pop music. The letters are placed inside each note in a clear format to help beginners with music reading skills. 

Whether you want to play with one hand or two, the book contains both the right-hand melody and basic left-hand chords. Online backing tracks also come with the book for you to play along with and have more fun while practicing. 

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