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Top 13 Kanye West Piano Songs

December 24, 2022 Selin Gökova 4 min read No Comments

If you are a pianist looking for Kanye West’s piano songs to learn or just a fan searching for his songs featuring piano, you’ve come to the right place!

Either as the main instrument or an accompanying section, almost half of Kanye West’s discography features piano. That’s why it was a bit hard to keep this list short. I included both my favorites and the popular ones.

If you’re a piano player, you can find the Youtube videos and sheet music for each song.

Let’s start!


This song is perhaps the most open and self-conscious Kanye has ever been. We listen to him come to terms with playing the villain in his own tale. The intro’s creeping piano notes create a dramatic atmosphere that sets the tone for the rest of the song.

Best of all, it’s one of the easy Kanye songs to learn on the piano.

Sheet music

Come To Life

Singing about his desire for another life, Come To Life is one of Kanye’s most emotional songs. It’s also easy to learn for beginners who want to play this song on the piano.

Sheet music

Everything I Am

The melody of Everything I Am is beautifully warm and sweet. In this song, Kanye West shares his journey and how his personality helped him succeed in life and his career. While the song has a lively character, it’s also very easy to learn on the piano.

Sheet music

Heard Em Say

Slightly melancholic and adorned beautifully with piano lines, this song’s instrumentation and production are both incredibly beautiful. It also features Adam Levine, whose performance in the song is just incredible.

Sheet music

Family Business

Given how different it is from the majority of hip-hop tracks, this is certainly one of my favorite Kanye songs. That he wasn’t scared to become emotional and show respect to the individuals who helped him reach where he is now is amazing, to put it mildly. It’s also one of my favorite Kanye songs on piano.

Sheet music


To me, Homecoming is one of the nicest songs from Graduation because of the allegorical wording and a great Chris Martin-type hook. A really beautiful one to learn on the piano as well!

Sheet music

Never See Me Again

While this song has a terrifying background story, I still can’t help but love the piano beat it features. It’s also an unreleased song but definitely worth a listen if you haven’t heard it before.

 I Wonder

Even our dreams have the potential to come true. In the song I Wonder, he uses rhetorical questions and images to subtly describe the dream he had and how it came true.

Sheet music

All of the Lights

Featuring lots of guest vocals such as Rihanna, Kid Cudi, Elton John, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Fergie, and more, this track is just a masterpiece. I particularly love the solo piano part in the middle, though it’s more for intermediate players rather than beginners.

Sheet music

Only One

Only One is truly one of the most emotional songs in Kanye’s discography. Kanye’s voice speaks to himself as Paul McCartney plays the electric piano alone with no other instruments, narrating the song from the perspective of his mother, Donda West.

Sheet music


Amazing is a tribute to insanity and how vital it can be in the lives of complicated people. While it’s freeing, it’s also frightening. These complexities in the song are accompanied by an “amazing” rhythmic piano, which makes the song even more appealing.

Sheet music

Ultralight Beam

In about five minutes, this song takes the listener on a trip through reflection, faith, and societal context. And, ultimately, it’s a song about winning over darkness.

Sheet music

Love Lockdown

Simple, catchy, and direct, I believe it’s one of the best Kanye West songs with piano. If you’re an intermediate player and above, this song is so much fun to learn.

Sheet music

Wrapping Up

Which Kanye West piano songs do you like most? Which tracks would you like to see on this list?

Let me know in the comments!

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