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UMOMO Piano Review – Style And Affordability Combined

May 28, 2023 Selin Gökova 5 min read No Comments

When I stumble upon a piano brand that I haven’t heard of before for the first time on Amazon, I’m usually a bit skeptical, you know?

So, as I kept seeing UMOMO digital pianos with high rankings and positive reviews on Amazon, I decided to take the plunge and give it a chance, particularly the U-710. After reviewing it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this brand and its pianos live up to their positive reputation on the platform.

If you don’t have the time to read the whole post, here’s my overall opinion about this digital piano: I think UMOMO U-710 is a solid option for beginners on a budget looking for their first piano or kids. It stands out with its stylish and elegant look, and it is equipped with all the essential features of a beginner piano.

If you have a few more minutes to spare, I suggest you read the whole review for a more informed decision before making the purchase.

Since you’re interested in this digital piano, I assume you’re on a budget and looking for a decent 88-key digital piano. If that is the case, I highly suggest you check out this post as well where I summarized the best cheap 88-key keyboards and digital pianos in 2023.


  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Realistic piano sounds
  • Extensive sounds and rhythm library
  • MIDI connectivity


  • Keys are not fully weighted


What I most like about Umomo pianos is their look. Their finishes are top-notch and the overall design resembles that of a real acoustic piano. They are elegant and stylish, and the U-710 is no exception.

UMOMO U-710 has a modern and minimal look that I believe can blend perfectly with any space.

umomo u 710 white digital piano

If you’re a beginner considering buying this piano, I would highly suggest you choose this combination that comes with a duet bench. The bench is padded and comes with a storage compartment to store your sheet music. Overall, the bench is solid and nice-looking, and it will beautifully complement your piano. Getting it in a bundle also makes it a great deal.

When the piano is not in use, you can fold the clamshell, which will give you a shelf space where you can place some items and serve as decorative furniture in the room.

All controls are located on the left side of the piano. The knobs are pretty straightforward and it’s easy to find your way around different controls, which is important for beginners and kids.

Overall, the build quality of this piano is decent for the price point. You shouldn’t expect a Yamaha or Roland quality from it, but it’s also definitely not one of those toy pianos and is overall a reliable option for beginners.


UMOMO U-710 features 88 standard keys that are semi-weighted. If you’re a serious beginner, I wouldn’t suggest semi-weighted keys but if you’ll be playing casually or just looking for a piano to get started, this digital piano will serve your needs.

If you’re looking into weighted keys, UMOMO has other models that feature fully weighted keys at affordable price points. These models are currently the U-716, UMP-718, and UMO-713.

Weighted keyboards normally start at a much higher price point, so these UMOMO models are fantastic options for beginners who want to have a solid start without breaking the bank on their first piano.

Back to this model. The keys of U-710 have touch sensitivity that will help beginners develop control over their dynamics while playing.

Overall, I think the keys feel nice and the semi-weighted action strikes a good balance between responsiveness and ease of playing.


The UMOMO U-710 boasts an extensive library. It comes with 680 voices, 600 rhythm patterns, and 80 demo songs, which is one of the reasons why I think this digital piano is best suitable for beginners and casual players. The U-710 gives you enough sound and rhythm options to play with and have fun while fostering your creativity.

What surprised me most about the digital piano is the sound quality. I expected it to have a cheap and unnatural sound, but the piano sounds are indeed relatively clear and crisp.

This keyboard features 64 notes of polyphony, which is the minimum number of notes I expect to see in a digital piano. 64 notes of polyphony will allow you to play songs without any major note dropouts.


The speakers on the U-710 produce plenty of volume for practicing and performing in an average-sized room. For times when you don’t want to disturb others, there is also a headphone jack to plug in your headphones and play silently.


UMOMO U-710 is equipped with a good variety of connectivity options and most importantly, it has a USB jack that allows you to use it as a MIDI keyboard. With a MIDI connection, you can connect the digital piano to any device and utilize piano-learning applications.


Some of the basic functions of the U-710 are as follows:

  • 3 pedals (sustain-sostenuto-soft)
  • Sound recording
  • Metronome
  • Playback
  • Keyboard split function
  • Rhythm speed adjustment
  • Double voice
  • Transposition
  • Double voice

Split Function

One of the coolest functions of this digital piano is the split function which splits the keyboard in half and allows two players to play in the same octaves at the same time. This function is very useful for piano lessons as well as playing duets.

Is the UMOMO U-710 Worth Buying?

For beginners who are on a tight budget, this piano is actually a solid choice. It will provide you with all the basic functions and features to start learning to play the piano.

Because it looks very elegant, I believe it can also serve as a backup piano for more experienced pianists and an excellent addition to your home decor.


To conclude, this digital piano by UMOMO is a reliable option for beginners and kids. Before starting this review, I didn’t know a thing about this brand, but the U-710 has definitely exceeded my expectations with its sound quality and features.

While I only focused on the U-710 model in this review, I can say the other models are very similar and the only aspects to change will be features such as the key weight or the number of sounds and rhythms. So, if you’re looking into other UMOMO digital pianos, I would recommend them as well.

I hope you found this Umomo piano review helpful. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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